About Edmonton

Who we are

Home to Alberta's capital city and the heart of Canada's economic engine, our region is a resilient, diverse, growing centre of influence. Young and talented, we are leaders in emerging technology sectors and established industries alike. Come see why the world needs more Edmonton.

On the Grow

The fifth largest metropolitan region in Canada, Edmonton is a city that welcomes newcomers and embraces a spirit of collaborative community. Five minutes here and you're one of us. 


Edmonton’s unique and collaborative business culture enables faster personal growth and increased opportunity. That big dream, that visionary project - you don't have to do it alone, we can help you take a risk and build it here.

Young & Talented

Edmonton is one of the youngest regions in Canada, with an average age of 37.8. We also have six publicly-funded post-secondary institutions with over 100,000 students - an impressive labour pool to pull from. 

Perfectly Situated

A designated Free Trade Zone (FTZ), the Edmonton region is not only the gateway to the Northern communities, but it is an ideal access hub for North America. We are the key transportation and supply chain hub for the energy, manufacturing, and industrial sectors in Western Canada and beyond. 

Full of Fun

Down to earth and vibrant, Edmonton possesses a hardy resolve to have a good time. Known as the festival city for a reason, there's always something different going on no matter the season. And with an 88 kilometre long stretch of river valley in the heart of the city, the largest mall in North America, and a renewed downtown entertainment district, there's something for everyone, no matter what your tastes.