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When your business has outgrown your market. When you want to improve your competitiveness. When you want your business to be stronger and more resilient. Think beyond here; expand out there. Become ridiculously successful.

Why Export

You're already competing globally.

Whether you like it, or know it, or not, you're competing on an international scale... Now, how do you react?

Exporting prolongs the life cycle of products, increases access to new customers, and improves a company’s exposure to innovation.

Programs like those offered to exporters by Export Development Canada can also insure a company’s receivables and loan money to customers, helping to grow business and mitigate some risk.

Federal and provincial export programs, and international trade agreements, support business growth into new markets.

Businesses exporting outside of the local market can be more resilient during economic swings by balancing customers in a global market place.

The opportunity to increase revenue on current product offerings is incredibly high in exports. For example, in a 2015 report Industry Canada states that approximately 10% of Canadian SME’s exported. Of that 10%, 89% export to the United States. There is a whole world that awaits. 

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