Export Training

Let us help you Export with Ease

This program provides the essential insights, resources, and training to help ambitious companies develop and deliver a plan to export.

With the help of some of Canada's most experienced exporting experts, you can:

  • NAVIGATE the complex global trade ecosystem
  • LEVERAGE Canada's resources on trade and investment
  • ACCESS tailored face-to-face coaching and advice
  • LEARN about international best practices
  • ACCELERATE your export readiness
  • DEVELOP and implement a new-market entry plan
  • EXPAND your global trade footprint and grow revenues
How to Participate: Apply or be Nominated

Companies can participate in TAP via partner nomination or direct application. All applications are reviewed by our TAP team to ensure the program is a good fit and to allow participants to maximize its benefits. 

All applications will be considered on program criteria and assessed on their merits. 

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