Questions we are asked a lot

Companies are expanding into markets around the world. They have blazed a trail, and we can help you to the trail head and along the journey.

Who does EEDC's Trade & Investment team help?

Edmonton region business who choose to grow. The businesses we help create something the world wants, and we help them get it there. 

Does it cost me anything?

We don't invoice for our time or for the information in our heads. We need your time, your honest answers, and your enthusiasm to explore. Sometimes there are fees for workshops and events to help cover our costs. 

How long does this all take?

A lot depends on your ability to make a move. Every business and business opportunity is unique. We work at the speed of you. 

Where can I learn more about upcoming events?

We regularly update the activities we are leading on our Eventbrite page.

Who can I call for help?

Visit our Contact page.