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Diving into the global market is complex. We are with you all the way. At EEDC, our Trade & Investment team is here to help navigate that complexity for businesses on the grow.

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It Starts with a Conversation

We take the time to ask a lot of questions, and then dig deeper to customize for your needs and situation. Your business is unique and no path to export is ever the same. We've got the experience to guide you on your journey to selling in other markets. We'll help you uncover the opportunities, connect with the right resources, and start succeeding outside of Edmonton.

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Market Research

We'll help you find information about the technical and cultural aspects of exporting, and do research to determine geographic markets and potential customers. 


We've done this before. We understand the financial, operational, and logistics requirements around exporting. We can help bring some clarity to the complexities and risks associated with exporting. If we don't know, chances are we can connect you to someone who does. 


We visit other markets regularly and are constantly building new relationships across Canada and overseas. We can help connect you to the right people in new markets, and help you promote Edmonton. 

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