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Meet Canada's perfectly-located, makes things happen, entrepreneurially-minded, resilient, down-to-earth, young and talented, proven track record, region of choice for companies on the grow.

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Our Regional Team Listens

When you have questions, we're here to answer. Responsive, fast, thorough, accurate and relevant—and if we don't know, we know someone who does. When you need to see for yourself, we will host you as a valued guest—because it's important to us that you know you are welcome. For businesses looking to grow in this market: 

We know the opportunities

We work with stakeholders and partners to promote and generate awareness of the opportunities for growth in the region.

We know the details

We can help you gather the data driven information you need to assess competitiveness, fit, and the factors that are important for your growth. 

We know the issues

We can help you build the business case for investing when it's about the numbers—and more.

We know the people

We can connect you to a network of people in the public and private sectors who will be part of your business growth success.

We know the how

We can help speed up your entry into the market by coordinating and supporting you for ease of establishment.

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In It Together

Find willing help. We think like entrepreneurs. Our business community is characterized by collaboration and support. You’ll be surrounded by like-minded, enterprising business people, interested in realizing opportunity more than image or ego.

Strong Economy

Succeed sooner with:

  • $85.5 billion GDP
  • 2.8x Faster GDP Growth than National Average 
  • 1.3 Million Metro Population

Diversified Economy

Capitalize on a resilient & stable market. We have one of the most diversified economies in Canada. Risk is mitigated with Edmonton’s consistent economic stability and resilience, making us a smart, reliable city of choice for business.

Talented Workforce

Build the right team:

  • 37.8 Average Age
  • 95,000 Students
  • U of A: World's Top 100 Ranked University    

Perfectly Located

Gain enviable global access. Perfectly-situated for success, Edmonton's location provides unique access to growing markets in Canada and around the world. It's less than 24-hours by road or air to markets across western Canada.

Check the Data

Discover why the Edmonton Metro Region is the best place in the world for companies on the grow.

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