Advanced Manufacturing

Edmonton region is a major manufacturing hub in Western Canada. Here, you can build the things—from micro to massive—that create a thriving economy.

I must say a huge thank you to our financial partners, employees, as well as the City of Edmonton and Alberta Innovates-Energy and Environment Solutions who believed in us and have accompanied us while we were reaching this pivotal operational milestone.

- Vincent Chornet, President and CEO, Enerkem [Speaking about raising $150 million for their waste-to-biofuel project]

Specialties in Petrochemical & Biochemical Processing and Machinery Manufacturing

Energy drives Alberta’s economy – and its feedstocks drive a competitive petrochemical and biochemical processing industry. The region is home to Alberta’s Industrial Heartland (AIHA), Canada’s largest hydrocarbon processing region, as well as emerging projects in biochemical innovation. In addition to chemical processing, Edmonton companies dominate in machinery manufacturing, which primarily service the energy/mining, agriculture, and construction sectors.

Large Supply of Skilled Trades People and Engineers

Out of Canada’s major cities, Edmonton has the second most skilled trades people in Canada (per population) and the most engineers in Canada (per population), making for the best labour force for the advanced manufacturing sector. This is partly due to our excellent educations facilities such as NAIT, the largest apprenticeship training school in Canada and the University of Alberta, with it world-renowned Faculty of Engineering.

Natural Trucking and Warehousing Hub for Western Canada

The Edmonton region is ideally positioned in the middle of Western Canada along major transportation corridors, making Edmonton the only major city that can access all major cities in Western Canada within 24 hours or less by highway/over the road vehicles.

Job Force & Wage Statistics

As of 2015, approximately 6.83% of Edmonton's overall workforce is employed in the manufacturing sector, and approximately 5.68% of Edmonton's overall workforce is employed in the transportation and logistics sector. 

Workers in Edmonton's manufacturing sector make an average wage of $23.99, which is slightly less than Alberta's average of $25.41.

Key Industry Players

  • Enerkem Alberta Biofuels LP
  • Karma Machining & Manufacturing Ltd. 
  • Micralyne 
  • Norcada
  • Waiward Steel LP