Food & Agri-Industrial

We have leading research, clean feedstock, high-calibre talent, quality processors, and competitive and connected logistics. Investing here means that you have access to turn-key investment opportunities--from ready-meals to nutriceuticals and more.

Large Supply of Agri Feedstock

Alberta is the third largest overall crop producer (by GDP) in Canada meaning an abundant supply of agriculture feedstock. Our province comes in first place for barley production, second for wheat and canola, and third for oats. This feedstock is used by many local businesses, whether they are food processors or those developing new and innovative products.

Specialties in Biotechnology & Food Processing

The Edmonton region is home to specialized facilities to help prepare and train those interested in the agriculture, food processing, and biotechnology industries. In addition, the University of Alberta plays a large role in research related to oilseed biotechnology, bioresource engineering, food microbiology, and food processing. Facilities in the region include: Agri-Food Discovery Place (AFDP), Agrivalue Processing Business Incubator (APBI), Cellulose Nanocrystals (CNC) Pilot Plant, Crop Diversification Centre North (CDC North), and the Food Processing Development Centre.

Access to International Markets

Edmonton is located on major transportation corridors for road and rail, and has direct cargo flights internationally to the USA, Asia, and Europe.

Alberta is the second largest exporter of Agriculture products in Canada and the largest exporter of processed food and beverage products in Western Canada. The province’s top export markets for agriculture and food products include the United States, China, Japan, Mexico, South Korea and Indonesia. 

Government Funding and Support

The Government of Alberta provides an array of grant and support programs for agriculture producers, food processors, and those interested in biotechnology. 

We are very pleased with our decision to locate in Alberta, and to establish our clean-technology bioprocessing centre here…This [decision] was based on several factors, including proximity to renewable feedstock, the highly qualified personnel here, and the excellent collaboration that we have had with the government, the provincial innovation system and the University of Alberta.”

Gilles Gagnon, President and CEO, Ceapro Inc.

Job Force & Wage Statistics

Approximately 11% of Alberta's overrall workforce is employed in the agriculture and food sector, with the majority employed in the food services subsector. 

Edmonton's agriculture and food workers make an average wage of $21.01 for primary agriculture and inputs, $19.15 for food adn beverage processing, and $14.59 for food wholesale, retail, and service. 

Key Industry Players

  • Booster Juice Ltd. 
  • Ceapro Inc.
  • Champion Petfoods LP
  • Heritage Frozen Foods Ltd. 
  • Siwin Foods Ltd.